hi, i'm tamara. i like butts, pop-punk, good tv shows and using this emoticon (◕‿◕✿)


On account of the Greek Goddess Hera’s great beauty, particularly her beautiful, large eyes, she is linked to her sacred animal, the cow. So, if someone calls you a cow, say thankyou! They are so beautiful, just like you.


tips for uni!!

- i don’t have any
- none of us know what we’re doing
- make rich friends

I ate so much I think I might actually die???????

April 15th  0 notes    

I’m so much better at uni than I thought I would be?????



"catchy song by mainstream artist"


"ft pitbull"



gf: come over

me: cant im a dinosaur and i died 65 million yrs ago

gf: im off my period

me: image


opening the browser in public and fogetting the last stuff you searched that’s going to pop up. Please don’t be porn, please don’t be porn, please don’t..


seeing people you dislike suffering through what they put you through is satisfying as hell

Earlier today my mum was like “I can tell when people aren’t virgins because they walk differently, tamara ur a virgin”

That’s what I want you to believe hohoho